Skymax Aircraft

A concept aircraft designed for aerial sightseeing

Designed for aerial sightseeing, Skymax is a concept aircraft designed for passenger comfort and unobstructed views within a leisure travel network.

Most airplanes in commercial service are designed for high volume, high-speed transportation. Many others are designed for military use.

The flying public, while used to cramped seats, long waits and limited aerial views, collectively desires something different. That difference is the Skymax Aircraft.

Skymax: Designed for Comfort while Flying

Conceived to satisfy our desire for comfort, visual stimulation and leisure travel, the Skymax Aircraft is intended to operate within a travel network, balancing transportation with entertainment around the world.

The Skymax Aircraft offers more comfortable seating and considerably better aerial views. These are designed-in features, not options on Skymax, and represent a shift in the Airplane Design and Function paradigm.

Currently, transportation is the only value for the Customer in the commercial airline space. We expect to arrive early, board, fly fast and get to our destination without any other positive expectation.

Skymax can add to this value for vacationers and people on holiday who are not interested in getting herded into an airplane to get somewhere fast.

Seats on Skymax are wide with plenty of leg room for the very purpose of making people comfortable while they fly.

Passengers will enjoy the view usually reserved only for pilots, making all flights visually stimulating, sightseeing flights.

By providing both comfort and entertainment, Skymax is offers a different value to the traveling public. And that value cannot be matched by any other aircraft currently flying.

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